MULTIMEDIACarminat TomTom 2009


CARMINAT TomTom 2009


The Carminat family is expanding!
Original, Carminat TomTom is the latest member of Renault GPS navigation systems, the fruit of an exclusive partnership between Renault and TomTom.
Always ready for use, and easy to use, it offers all the functionalities expected of an excellent navigation system, including: detailed and precise maps on a large "birdview" screen (5.8"), reliable navigation under all circumstances, traffic news with alternative itinerary, radar alerts (available depending on the regulations in each country), speed limits, numerous points of interest and multiple customization possibilities.


Its low price makes it one of the least expensive built-in navigation systems on the market.
Thanks to its SD card, you each easily upgrade your Carminat TomTom and constantly benefit from the best navigation or customization data that make your built-in equipment unique.

Questions concerning the use of your Carminat TomTom?
Find all the answers with:

More questions about the use of your Carminat TomTom?
Contact the TomTom hotline:
0800 980 670


Downloads - Back-ups


Download maps, radars, points of interest, icons, images, voices and more!


Save your personal data...
Insert the SD card  of your Carminat TomTom in your computer and follow the instructions given by TomTom Home!

Online ordering of accessories

Blank SD card, SD card with Europe maps, SD card reader

Itinerary preparation

Organize your next trip with your Carminat TomTom!

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